The Welsh Cavalry swap Scimitars for jungle boots


Soldiers of B Squadron, 1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards, 'The Welsh Cavalry', have swapped their Scimitar vehicles for jungle boots to take part in warfare training in Brunei. The troops were keen to get to grips with the challenging jungle environment on Exercise Rukh Eagle. The training started with the basics such as navigation and general survival before progressing to conducting close target reconnaissance (CTRs), ambushes and a troop attack in what is arguably the toughest type of terrain to fight and survive in. Trooper Rhys Jones, from Whitchurch in south Wales, said: “Nothing could have prepared me for the jungle; working hand-in-hand with the Gurkhas completing tasks such as ambushes, CTRs and section attacks was extremely rewarding and has no doubt made me a better all-round soldier.”