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Strike Back Season 4 – CSA SA vz. 58 Compact

The new season of Strike Back has become a host to a wide variety of weapons, probably more so than the number of weapons used in the last season.

We're doing a series of features to highlight some of the weapons that are used in the show.

CSA SA vz. 58 Compact

Scott and Stonebridge have adopted a new primary weapon on ops, the CSA SA vz. 58 Compact. There is a regular appearance of this new assault rifle in the new season. The version used on the show is a customised version to carry 5.56x45mm rounds from a standard AR-15 magazine. The rifle is also fitted with a suppressor and an Aimpoint red dot sight attached via a side mounted MIL-STD-1913 rail.

Strike Back

Strike Back

Strike Back

The CSA SA vz. 58 is a Czech made rifle, usually not exchangable with AK-47/AKM mags. A company called CzechPoint, Inc. are the biggest exporters of the rifle to the international market.

The exporters have this statement on their website, “The Sa vz. 58 possesses the required USA made parts to comply with Title 18, U.S.C., Section 922(r)”, and “CzechPoint, Inc., in co-operation with local contractors, legally modifies the original vz. 58 Sporter into the vz. 58 Military Folder model by ensuring the rifle has no more than 10 imported parts. This means that all vz. 58 rifles capable of using 30 round magazines possess 5 USA made parts to fully comply with Title 18, U.S.C., Section 922(r).”


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