Steyr SSG 69


The SSG 69 (Scharfsch├╝tzengewehr 69) is a bolt-action sniper rifle manufactured by Steyr Mannlicher and at present serves as the standard sniper rifle for the Austrian Army.

The SSG 69 was adopted in 1969, it was ahead of its time with the use of synthetics and cold hammer-forged barrels for accuracy. SSG-69 is the Austrian Army’s standard issue sniper rifle, the PI is the civilian version of the same weapon. The SSG-69 is also used by several police agencies as a sniper rifle. The SSG is extremely accurate and several international competitions have been won using an SSG-69 with accuracy being sub .5 MOA.

The SSG 69 has several variants made with mostly cosmetic differences, the only anomaly being the SSG-PIV using a 409 mm barrel with a 1:250 mm (1:10 inches) twist designed to handle heavy subsonic ammunition.

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