Beretta ARX-160


The Beretta ARX-160 assault rifle is a part of the Italian Army’s ‘Soldato Futuro’ program, and is developed by famous Italian company Beretta in close cooperation with army.

The rifle is a part of a massive soldier equipment package, which, among other items, will include an advanced rifle sight witch will combine day and night time (optical, TV and IR) view / sight capabilities and laser pointer (also visible and IR). Another component of the Soldato Futuro system is an advanced 40mm single-shot grenade launcher, which will be either installed on the rifle (using Picatinny rail interface) or used as stand-alone weapon (by adding a detachable pistol grip and telescoped stock to it).

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The ARX-160 is an assault rifle manufactured by Pietro Beretta S.p.A.. Developed for the Italian armed forces as part of the Soldato Futuro (Future Soldier in English) program, the ARX-160 has been launched in the year 2008 as a commercial weapon system independent from the Soldato Futuro ensemble, complete with a companion single-shot 40mm NATO low-velocity grenade launcher, called GLG-160, which can be underslung to the rifle or used with an ad-hoc stock system as a stand-alone weapon.

The ARX-160 departs from the previously issued Beretta 70/90 weapon system under several points of view. The weapon is composed of two receivers, both manufactured mostly in polymer, and operates through a short-stroke piston system. Feeding is through STANAG magazines.

The ARX-160 is featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Mobilized as an assault rifle used by Insurgency forces. It is found in all of the SAS missions after “Hostile Territory”.