Zero Dark Thirty Trailer – New Film About SEAL Team 6′s Mission to Find Bin Laden


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director of The Hurt Locker, Kathryn Bigelow, is now working on film Zero Dark Thirty. The film was originally titled, Kill Bin Laden, but had to be renamed.

A trailer of Zero Dark Thirty has already been released, but does not give too many clips from the film away.

Zero Dark Thirty is about the elimination of Osama Bin Laden and tells of Navy SEAL Team 6′s mission to locate the world’s most wanted man. Contributions from people who were actually involved in the mission are said to have be written into the script.

The cast list is already quite impressive with some quite well known names to have been casted including Joel Edgerton (The Thing) in the lead, alongside Mark Strong (Green Lantern), Kyle Chandler (Friday Night Lights), Jessica Chastain (The Vow), Jennifer Ehle (Contagion), Harold Perrineau (Lost), action star Scott Adkins (Expendables 2), Edgar Ramírez (Wrath of the Titans), Frank Grillo (The Grey), Stephen Dillane (Game of Thrones) – and even funny men like Chris Platt (Park and Recreation) and Mark Duplass (The League) stepping into dramatic roles.

The Hurt Locker came under intense military scrutiny by military enthusiasts in regards to military procedure, tactics, weapons and equipment.

Zero Dark Thirty is set for a release on December 19, 2012.

Source: EW