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Best Military Fight Scenes From Films

Tears of the Sun – Clearing the Village Scene

Bruce Willis plays a spec ops commander, leading his team into the jungles of Nigeria to rescue a doctor played by Monica Belluci. This scene is taken from a village that the Navy SEAL team passes and so take the decision to clear it of its raiders who intend to kill all of the villages inhabitants.

Act of Valor – Extracting CIA Agent

Act of Valor uses a group of active-duty U.S. Navy SEALs, which separates it from other special forces films. It’s probably fair to say that the entire film should have made this list because at no point did you want to take your eyes off the screen. But to be fair we’ve taken the open sequence to add to the list mainly because of the style of extraction that has made this scene differ from other films.

Zero Dark Thirty – Raid Scene

If you were looking for immediate action in this film, you certainly aren’t going to find it at the beginning of the film. You do have to wait until near the end of the film until SEAL Team Six conduct their raid on Bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan after years of CIA investigating. When you finally get to see the raid at the end of the film, all that waiting was definitely worth it.

Air Force One – Opening Scene

A bit of an old film makes it on the list with the opening scene from Air Force One. The Navy SEALs fly in to raid the Russian compound to extract the target.

Bravo Two Zero – Contact Scene

In terms of budget this is not one of the biggest budgets that have ever been allocated to a film. Sean Bean stars as Chris Ryan as his team is behind enemy lines search for SCUD missles in the first Gulf War. Based on the true story of an SAS team who were captured by the Iraqi’s and taken prisoner.

Ghost Recon Alpha

There are a lot of first person shooter games that haven’t really been turned into films, yet. This could be the first futuristic special ops shooter that has been turned into a short film by Ubisoft. Creatively this is a stunner.

Hurt Locker – Sniper Scene

Hurt Locker won itself many awards and was widely accepted by the film critics, we loved the sniper scene. There’s a load of other scenes that we’d like to put on this list but again we’d probably have put the entire film on the list instead of just one scene.

Black Hawk Down

A classic war film, Black Hawk Down is an entirely shooting filled film. Just one scene to pick from in this film is entirely impossible to do. The actors actually did received a couple weeks of training as rangers before starting to film.

Navy SEALs – Hostage Extract Scene

Charlie Sheen before he went absolutely nuts playing a Navy SEAL operative in this opening scene rescuing pilots that have been taken hostage. If you look carefully I’m pretty sure the same terrorist gets shot twice, but other than that its a old classic.

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