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British Army Close Quarters Marksmanship

Close quarter marksmanship is a key skill of the fighting soldier. Though it may seem easy as the distance is shorter, there are a range of other factors that must be considered for success in any engagement. Here Staff Sergeant Ian Arnott from the Small Arms School Corps puts the highly-trained Brigade Reconnaissance Force Troops through their paces.

Here we show the essence of what it takes to win a short range contact. Some techniques and procedure have been omitted for security and brevity purposes.

British CQB 2

It is even more important, during this time of transition in Afghanistan, for the soldiers to be fully trained, as we take a step back and allow the Afghan National Forces to take control of their own security.

Filmed by the British Army Combat Camera Team in Afghanistan for Op HERRICK 18 – Captain Mau Gris team leader, Sergeant Barry Lloyd video cameraman and Sergeant Barry Pope photographer.

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