Fallschirmjägerregiment 26 in Italy


More than 1,000 soldiers from the eight participating countries the practice was officially opened on Monday evening. Accompanied by the European anthem greeted the commander of the Italian Army Aviation Major General Antonio Bettelli the formation at the airbase Viterbo near Rome, the home base of the Italian Army Aviation.

Over the next two weeks, the multinational aircrews will practice together with the German paratroopers as joint rapid reaction forces in case of emergency.

From the air strike on military evacuations up to the close air support for the previously bailed paratrooper soldiers Division Fast train forces (DSK) the whole spectrum of airmobile operations. The flying skills of the aircrews are placed here on a special sample because place and time of year of the exercise were chosen wisely.

Fallschirmjägerregiment 26-4

Fallschirmjägerregiment 26-3

Fallschirmjägerregiment 26-2

Fallschirmjägerregiment 26-1

Fallschirmjägerregiment 26-10

Fallschirmjägerregiment 26-9

Fallschirmjägerregiment 26-8

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