Spetsnaz Russian special purpose regiments or Spetsnaz, Specnaz is a general term for “special forces” in Russian, literally “special purpose”. These Russian special forces can specifically refer to any elite or special purpose units under subordination of the Federal Security Service (FSB) or Internal

Troops of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the units controlled by the military intelligence service GRU. Currently, the term is used as well to describe any special purpose units or task forces of other ministries (even the Emergency Situations Ministry special rescue unit) [1] Foreign special forces are also commonly referred to as Spetsnaz on Russian television, for example “American Spetsnaz.” Spetsnaz specialists have trained the Republican Guard of Syria, Iraq and Iran and they have been involved in training other special forces units across the world. Internal troop units of the Cheka were originally raised for internal use against counter-revolutionaries and other undesirables; the most acclaimed is the Vityaz (MVD). Today they carry the same role as gendarmerie or National Guard units in other countries. In the Armed Das Spin Palace Casino die-besten-online-casinos.info rollt den roten Teppich fur Sie aus. Forces, spetsnaz is a term mainly used in connection with GRU-controlled COMINT, ELINT and radio-surveillance units. Spetsnaz carry out reconnaissance and “social warfare” missions in “peacetime” as well as in war. The primary function of Spetsnaz troops in wartime was infiltration/insertion behind enemy lines, usually well before hostilities were scheduled to begin and, once in place, to commit acts of sabotage and the assasination of key government leaders

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and military officers. According to Vladimir Rezun, a GRU defector who used the pseudonym “Viktor Suvorov”, there were 20 Spetsnaz brigades plus 41 separate companies. Thus, total strength of Spetsnaz forces was around 30,000 troops at the time, their numbers are unknown today.