10 Paratrooper Brigade (Malaysia)

10 Paratrooper Brigade (Malaysia)

10 Paratrooper Brigade (Malaysia)

The 10 Paratrooper Brigade, widely known as 10th Para, is an elite airborne brigade-sized unit within the Malaysian Army tasked with being rapidly deployed inside or outside the boundaries of Malaysia. 10th Para is the key element of the Malaysian Rapid Deployment Force.

The primary role of the 10 Paratrooper Brigade is to be the nation’s main offensive force in time of conflict or emergencies. The 10 Paratrooper Brigade was created by Malaysia’s defence planners in the late 1970s as a part of the modernisation plan for the military. The plan originally did not receive much support from the government due to concerns that the formation of such a brigade would be looked with suspicion by its neighbour, Singapore.

Malaysia was unable to respond to a request for assistance by Maldives when that country was invaded by Tamil mercenaries in November 1988. This inability to render timely help prompted Malaysian leaders to lead the formation of the 10 Paratrooper Brigade as a fast response team to deal with such situations.

10 Paratrooper Brigade is highly skilled in accordance with its status as a Rapid Deployment Force.

Paratroopers are vigorously trained for specialised combat operations and rapid deployment in alignment with the brigade’s motto -Tindak Pantas.

The elite 10 Paratrooper Brigade plays a key role in the preserving of peace within Malaysia, if not an understated one. The brigade is on par with foreign elite paratrooper brigades, and maintains a low profile for the integrity of the Malaysian Armed Forces as well for reasons of national security. Esprit-de-corp is the core of the brigade and stresses the fostering of close relationships between officers and personnel.