Navy Destroyers Double Up For Manoeuvres

US Navy

US Navy
The pair sailed at high speeds to simulate the defence of a high-value warship and also put their communications equipment to the test as a warm-up to intensive operational sea training later this year.

Captain Richard Powell, Commanding Officer of Dauntless, said “Today marks a significant step forward in the development of the Type 45 class. Conducting joint trials in this way will further enhance the potent capability of the Type 45. It also marks an important step in the delivery of the 21st century Navy.

“We have been able to build on the successes of HMS Daring over the last year and in Dauntless we are delivering a warship that the Royal Navy and the nation will be really proud of.”

Commander-in-Chief Fleet, Admiral Sir Trevor Soar, who was embarked on Dauntless during the manoeuvres, said “I’m really positive about these ships. I have seen them from the very beginning, through the design and planning to the trials.

“It is very much like watching the children growing up. They have been great kids and now they are growing up to be great adults.”

The Portsmouth-based ships worked together for two further days before going their separate ways and continuing their respective trials programmes.

HMS Daring was commissioned into the Royal Navy last July and is due to formally enter service later this year.

Dauntless will be commissioned in June and is expected to enter operational service in 2011.

The Type 45 destroyer is the largest and most powerful air defence destroyer ever built for the Royal Navy. It will provide UK Defence with a world-class military capability.

The prime role of the Type 45 destroyer will be air defence: protecting UK national and allied/coalition forces against enemy aircraft and missiles.

In addition to its world-class air defence capability, one of the Type 45’s greatest assets is its versatility. The Type 45 will be able to act as a base platform for a deployable headquarters from which to command operations. It is the only platform of its size in UK Defence able to do this and will result in an improvement to our expeditionary capability.

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